In the third of our blog focuses on producer partners with the same artisanal eye for excellence and innovation that we have, it gives us great pleasure to introduce Rubis.

rubis.newThe moment we tried their incredible, velvety blend of fortified Tempranillo wine and premium chocolate, we knew there had to be a place for it in our new Mixology Confection. No wonder they keep their cards close their chests …

“We keep our exact production methods very secret,’ says Simon Davies, Head of Rubis Sales, “but essentially, we take a high quality tempranillo wine from the La Mancha region of Spain, infuse it with Ghanaian cacao & fortify it with a neutral grain spirit.”

It has been described as “Christmas in a glass”, and certainly creates a celebration, but Rubis is equally fabulous chilled as a digestif, poured over vanilla ice cream or swirled through Eton Mess for  a magical chocolate & cherry twist.

And now infusing handmade cherry fudge with chocolate wine …

’Tis the season for cocktails in the garden, however (or is that just us?) And Rubis’ most compelling claim (or is that just us too?) is as a base for some cracking cocktails. We’ve plundered the Rubis mixology files for some of the most delicious.

So, get crushing, grinding, muddling, stirring and garnishing; rattle that shaker like a Salsa maraca and .. Bottom’s Up!

Champagne Chocolate …
100ml champagne
25 ml Rubis
Method: build
Serve: red fruit garnish in a champagne flute

Rubis Espresso Martini …resp marPicture1
25ml Rubis,
25ml espresso,
50ml vodka,
Method: shaken and strained and
Serve: garnished with coffee beans in a martini glass

RRPicture1Rubis Royale …
40 ml Rubis
15ml dark rum (vanilla preferably)
Top up with champagne
Method: build
Serve: fresh fruit garnish

Rubis Black Russian …black russ Picture1
45ml vodka
30ml cold expresso
45ml Kahlua
30ml Creme de Cacoa
45ml Rubis
Method: shake and strain
Serve: on the rocks with cherry garnish

Chocolate Wine & Cherry Fudge
1 x hand made Chocolate Wine & Cherry Fudge Piece
Method: extract carefully from gorgeous gift box
Serve: direct to mouth, no messing about …
3082 - 9 Piece Mixology - Open Cutout